Scheduling an online consult with me is another way you can work with me.  Let me give you some details about this option.


What is an online consult?

Basically, rather than meeting in person at my office, we’ll meet over your computer.  You be able to see and hear me over your computer.

During the consult, I’ll answer any specific questions you have, including, but not limited to

  • Which particular medical marijuana product to select for your specific health problem?
  • How to figure out how much of the medical marijuana product to use?
  • How to avoid the side effects of medical marijuana?

And, really any other questions you have.

The online consult is designed so that you can get information from a medical professional who’s knowledgeable and experienced.

As opposed to getting advice from

  • the guy behind the counter at the dispensary who’s trying to sell you 10 different marijuana products, or
  • your best friend who’s telling you to just use the same dose she’s using, or
  • a random website that’s suggesting you use your intuition to manage the paranoia you experience every time you use marijuana

Now this information may be well intended, but, what ends up happening is that

  • You dump a lot of time and effort into trying a bunch of different products, but not getting any sort of consistent results,
  • You still don’t know exactly how much to use.  Every time you buy a different product it’s a crapshoot in figuring out the right dose,
  • And, you continue to get side effects like the high.

Here’s what I’m going to tell you. There’s a very specific and exact way to use medical marijuana, so that you know exactly

  • which product to use,
  • how much of it to use, and
  • how to use it so that you can avoid the side effects.

And, this is why I can help you.  I’ve treated thousands of patients since 2012.  So, I base the answers that I give you on this experience.  Not only that but I spend my down time digging into the research on medical marijuana.  So I’ve reviewed medical study up on medical study on marijuana.  So, I also base what I say on knowledge.

You’re welcome to check out YELP, which is where folks I’ve previously worked with have been gracious enough to share the results they’ve experienced with the information I’ve provided.



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