How to Find a Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) Doctor that You can Trust.

Are you looking for a medical marijuana doctor near you, especially one that you can trust?

Well, you’ve stopped by the right place to get this information.

I know that talking to your own doctor about medical marijuana can be nerve-racking. You just don’t know how he or she will react and you certainly don’t want him or her to write you off as someone who’s just looking to abuse drugs.

So, ultimately, you decide you just won’t bring it up with your own doctor and instead will just go see a medical marijuana doctor.

This route opens up a whole another can of worms. A lot of the medical marijuana doctors that are coming up on a Google search scream shady. So you’re thinking to yourself how in the world am I supposed to find a medical marijuana doctor that I can trust?

Being a medical marijuana doctor that’s been in practice since 2012, I may know a thing or two. 😉

There are, in fact, medical marijuana doctors out there that you can trust. It’s just a matter of knowing what factors to look for and how to research these factors, which I’ll step-by-step walk you through.

Here’s a general look at the factors I’ll be diving into

  1. the doctor’s credentials
  2. the doctor’s experience
  3. the doctor’s advice about using medical marijuana
  4. other patient’s experience with the doctor
  5. following up with the doctor

Much of this information is at your fingertips. A quick search on Google can produce a wealth of information on the medical marijuana doctors you’re considering.

So let’s get started. Click the play button on the video below to view the presentation to get the exact details on how to find a medical marijuana doctor.








Now, here’re specific resources that list doctors that participate in a medical marijuana program by state.