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How to get a medical marijuana card

What’s a medical marijuana (cannabis) card?

It’s a document that says that you have a medical condition that a licensed doctor, like myself, thinks will benefit from medical marijuana. This card allows you to enter any medical marijuana dispensary in the state of California and to purchase marijuana for medical use.


What’s the difference between a medical marijuana (cannabis) card and a medical marijuana (cannabis) recommendation?

The medical marijuana recommendation is a document given to you by the doctor if you are approved for the use of medical marijuana. The medical marijuana card is an easy to carry representation of the medical marijuana recommendation. It’s suggested that you carry a copy of document as well as the card with you whenever you have any marijuana products in your possession.


How do I get a medical marijuana (cannabis) card?

In the state of California, it is required that you be evaluated by a doctor, such as myself, for a medical marijuana card.  Call (925) 708-9351 to schedule an evaluation with me (Dr. Patel) for a medical marijuana card.


What’s the medical marijuana (cannabis) evaluation process like?

It’s just like any other doctor’s visit.  You’ll fill out some paperwork.  We’ll go through your medical and surgical history.  I’ll do a brief physical exam.  Then, I’ll step-by-step walk you through how to safely use medical marijuana (cannabis) for your  particular medical condition(s), which includes

  • the best way to use medical marijuana (cannabis) for your condition(s), other than smoking it
  • how to select medical marijuana (cannabis) products based on laboratory test results
  • how to avoid the undesired side effects, like the notorious “high”
  • plus, a whole lot more!


How long is a medical marijuana (cannabis) card valid for?

The most a medical marijuana card is valid for is 1 year. Physicians are required to re-evaluate patients at least once a year.


What if I lose my medical marijuana (cannabis) card?

Call to arrange for a time to stop by the office. You’ll be provide you with another copy. There is no additional cost for this. The copies can’t be mailed or e-mailed to you. Be sure to bring your photo ID with you.


What is the state-authorized medical marijuana identification card?

In California, there is a state-authorized medical marijuana identification card.  Patients are not required to get an identification card in California. But if you’d like to get one, it can be obtained through the health department of the county in which you live. Click here for more info.


Can I use my medical marijuana card (cannabis) in another state?

The medical marijuana card issued by me (Dr. Patel) is valid only within the state of California.


Do you validate my medical marijuana card 24/7?
We have a system in place that validates your medical marijuana card 24/7 by phone or on this website.