Hi!  I’m Dr. Patel –  a Medical Marijuana / Hemp Expert


I’ll step-by-step walk you through how to safely use

medical marijuana & hemp-based CBD for your medical condition.

Whether you’ve clicked your way over to this website because

  • your pain medications are giving you side effects like, nausea and constipation, or
  • you’re concerned about getting addicted to your anti-anxiety medications, or
  • the prescribed sleeping aides just aren’t working

Let’s find out if medical marijuana is right for you!

If you’re considering using medical marijuana, but are hesitant because

  • you don’t want to smoke it,
  • you don’t want to get addicted to it, and
  • you don’t want to get high off it

Well, let’s get these concerns of yours addressed!

Now, if you’re just not sure

  • which strain of medical marijuana to use,
  • how much of the medical marijuana to use, or
  • how to avoid the side effects of medical marijuana

Let me step-by-step walk you through how to safely use medical marijuana for your specific health problem.  

❝ I Couldn’t Be More Pleased ❞

I’m with Danny, Kim and the rest of the “5 Star” reviewers. I made a same day appointment with Dr. Patel — who knowledgeably and professionally walked me through all aspects of her treatment recommendation. I couldn’t be more pleased.
-Tom S

❝ Blown Away! ❞

After years of suffering from PTSD and the related nightmares and night terrors, I decided to give medical CBD a try. I was very anxious but luckily I found Dr Patel online and was blown away by her class, professionalism and concern. Her office is in a super nice, professional neighborhood in Walnut Creek.

❝ I Feel Better Than Ever ❞

I wish all Doctor’s were as knowledgeable as she was. I walked out of her office filled with options. I have lived with anxiety and severe migraines most of my life. I feel better now then ever. I recommend to everyone…
-Debbie R.