Medical Marijuana Card Pleasanton

Are you looking for a medical marijuana doctor near Pleasanton, CA that you can see in person and not over Skype?

Well, there’s a medical marijuana doctor only 20 miles away in downtown Walnut Creek, CA who available to see you in person.

Patients I’ve treated from Pleasanton, CA generally are relieved to find out that there’s finally a medical marijuana doctor they can see in person and not over Skype.

Hey there. I’m Dr. Patel. Over the course of the past couple years, I’ve treated numerous patients from Pleasanton, CA at my medical marijuana clinic in Walnut Creek, CA. The medical marijuana clinic is located behind Nordstrom and next to Safeway.

Patients who’ve come to me from Pleasanton, CA have struggled with chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and many other medical conditions.

I’ve step-by-step guided patients from Pleasanton, CA on how to safely use medical marijuana (cannabis) for their particular medical conditions. This includes teaching them

    • The best way to use medical marijuana (cannabis) for your medical condition(s), other than smoking it
    • How to select the right type of medical marijuana (cannabis) products for your medical condition based on laboratory test results
    • How to avoid the undesired side effects, like the notorious “high”
    • Plus, a whole lot more!

Patients from Pleasanton, CA also have peace of mind knowing that the fact that they now have a medical marijuana card stays completely confidential.

Check out what this patient from Pleasanton, CA has to say.

Medical Marijuana Review Barry L

To schedule a consultation with me, call (925) 708-9351 or click here.


Dr. Patel is awesome. Explained all of the science and best ways to benefit from the use of medical marijuana. An absolute pleasure to work with. Dramatic improvement in sleep patterns.