Mill Valley Marijuana Doctor

Are you looking for a medical marijuana doctor to teach you how to use medical marijuana for your medical conditions?

There’s a medical marijuana doctor located in a very safe neighborhood- Walnut Creek, CA-that can help you.

Hey there. I’m Dr. Patel. Over the course of the past several years, I’ve treated numerous patients from Mill Valley, CA at my medical marijuana clinic in Walnut Creek, CA. (The medical marijuana clinic is located behind Nordstrom and next to Safeway.)

Patients who’ve come to me from Mill Valley, CA have struggled with Chronic Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia and many other medical conditions.

I’ve step-by-step guided patients from Mill Valley, CA on how to safely use medical marijuana (cannabis) for their particular medical conditions. This includes teaching them:

  • the best way to use medical marijuana (cannabis) for their medical condition(s), other than smoking it
  • how to select the right type of medical marijuana (cannabis) products for their medical condition based on laboratory test results
  • how to avoid the undesired side effects, like the notorious “high”
  • plus, a whole lot more!

Patients from Mill Valley, CA also have peace of mind knowing that the fact that they now have a medical marijuana card stays completely confidential.

Check out the results my patients have experienced on YELP, Google + and WeedMaps.

To schedule a consultation with me, call (925) 708-9351 or click here.


A good experience overall. Speaking with Dr. Patel, I was impressed that she has my well-being in mind. She is very knowledgeable and engaging on the subject. Her enthusiasm for keeping up with the latest developments and research is matched by her dedication