Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) Doctor-Bay Area-Walnut Creek, CA


Hey there.  I’m Dr. Patel.  I specialize in Medical Marijuana (Cannabis), which means that I step-by-step walk you through how to safely use medical marijuana (cannabis) for your particular medical conditions.  This includes teaching you

  • the best way to use medical marijuana (cannabis) for your medical condition(s), other than smoking it
  • how to select medical marijuana (cannabis) products based on laboratory test results
  • how to avoid the undesired side effects, like the notorious “high”
  • plus, a whole lot more!


I also do a few things differently than most other medical marijuana doctors.

  1. You’ll see me in person, not over video chat on a computer.
  2. I make myself available for follow-up consultations with patients.
  3. In an effort to serve my patients with excellence, I limit the number of patients I see per day.  I don’t run a mill where I’m churning out medical marijuana cards.
  4. I also firmly abide by the standards of care set forth by the Medical Board of California and rules/regulations set forth by the state of California.


“I Couldn’t Be More Pleased”

I’m with Danny, Kim and the rest of the “5 Star” reviewers. I made a same day appointment with Dr. Patel — who knowledgeably and professionally walked me through all aspects of her treatment recommendation. I couldn’t be more pleased.
-Tom S


“Blown Away!”
After years of suffering from PTSD and the related nightmares and night terrors, I decided to give medical CBD a try. I was very anxious but luckily I found Dr Patel online and was blown away by her class, professionalism and concern. Her office is in a super nice, professional nhood in Walnut Creek.


“I Feel Better Than Ever”
I wish all Doctor’s were as knowledgeable as she was. I walked out of her office filled with options. I have lived with anxiety and severe migraines most of my life. I feel better now then ever. I recommend to everyone…
-Debbie R.